The Commonwealth is a free association of 53 sovereign independent states and their dependencies, which has evolved from the former British Empire (although Mozambique, a Commonwealth member since November 1995, was not a part of the former British Empire). It tries to promote such principles as democracy, economic development and international understanding, mainly through intergovernmental consultations and the Commonwealth organisations. There are no legal or constitutional obligations involved in membership.

The head of the Commonwealth is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The main forum for consultation is the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held biennially to discuss international developments and consider co-operation among members.

Organisation and administration are the responsibility of the Commonwealth Secretariat, based in London. Assistance to other Commonwealth countries usually figures prominently in the aid programmes of the association's developed members, who direct some 30% of their aid to other member countries, complemented by humanitarian and technical assistance.

Governments and the many Commonwealth organisations established in these fields also undertake co-operation in areas such as agriculture, the environment, health, law, economics and education.

The Commonwealth Games, in which athletes from all countries of the Commonwealth compete, take place every four years.


Malaysia will play hosts for the XVI Commonwealth Games from the 11-21st September 1998.For the first time in its 65 year history, the Commonwealth Games are to be held in Asia. It is also the first time an emerging country is hosting the games.

Kuala Lumpur,which is where the games will be held is located in the Malaysian state of Selangor, South East part of the country. Kuala Lumpuris the capital city of Malaysia and has a population of approximately two million. The national language is Bahasa Malaysia or more commonly called 'Malay' in short. English is the second language and widely spoken among its locals.

The average temperature in Kuala Lumpur is usually a minimum of 20 degrees to a maximum of 34 degrees Celsius. Average rainfall is 215mm.

Malaysia's National Anthem

National Anthem

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku,
Rakyat Hidup
Bersatu dan Maju,
Rahmat Bahagia,
Tuhan Kurniakan,
Raja Kita Selamat
Rahmat bahagia,
Tuhan Kurniakan,
Raja Kita Selamat

English Translation

My Country,
My native land,
The poeple living
united and progressive,
May God bestow blessings
and happiness
May our Ruler have a
successful reign
May God bestow blessings
and happiness
May our Ruler have a
successful reign

Official Campaign Song - Let's Make It Great

English Version

The nations took a vote
And now the World takes note
That we won. Yes, we won !
We made a bid and we did it
Malaysia will host the Games
The sixteenth Commonwealth Games
Kuala Lumpur 1998

And now Malaysia, Comes the real test
Rise up, Malaysia, Run with all your zest
To make Kuala Lumpur 98
The best ever Games of all time !

Let's show the World, What you're made of
Let's show the World, Let's make it great
When they come from near and afar
When the best ever Games begin
Malaysia, you'll be the Star !

Bahasa Malaysia Version

Setelah berusaha
Tiba masanya mengecap kejayaan
Impian yang tersimpan
Malaysia menganjurkan Kuala Lumpur 98
Sukan Komanwel ke XVI

Kini Malaysia, Tumpuan dunia
Bangunlah Malaysia, Bersemangat waja
Jadikan Kuala Lumpur 98
Sukan terunggul sentiasa!

Tunjukkan dunia, Siapa kita
Tunjukkan dunia, Kemampuan kita
Di sukan yang ternama
Tumpuan seluruh dunia
Malaysia berbangga

New Sports

In the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games. Four new sports are introduced in this years games.For the first time team sports will be played at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. The four new sports that will be played are:


A sum of RM561 million has been allocated for the completion of the infrastructure for the games which include the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex, 21 sports venues, the international shooting range in Langkawi, the Doping Centre and the International Broadcasting Centre.

The Bukit Jalil Sports Complex is the main stadium for the Games and the location of the opening and closing ceremonies. The stadium has seating for about 100, 000 spectators and includes tracks for the 100m and 400m events and warm-up areas.

The Athletes Village however consists of three 30 storey blocks and six 19 storey buildings. It is situated on a 40 acre site adjacent to the National Sports Complex and it is just about 500 m from the main stadium.

The village can accomodate up to 6000 athletes and officials and the dining hall is capable of seating 2000 athletes at a sitting. The village is accessed by a metro rail system or LRT (Light Rail Transit) which is able to move 23,500 people per hour.


The 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games Logo was inspired from the National Flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus or Bunga Raya in local tongue. It is designed to reflect the identity of the hosts, Malaysia as well as the Commonwealth Games. The Logo is a stylish representation bearing the National Colours of Malaysia which is Blue, Red, White and Yellow while portraying and embodiment of Harmony, Friendship, Hospitality, Dynamism and the Malaysian Flag.

The petals for the logo is formed from the letters CG and the numbers 98 which stands for Commonwealth Games and the event year, 1998 respectively. The six golden petals represents the six regions of the Commonwealth Games Federation around the world which covers 68 countries.

This is the first time in all the Games history that the colour yellow is introduced in the Logo. All previous Logos bear the colours of the British Union Jack - Red and Blue.


The official mascot for the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lummpur is Wira the Orang Utan. Orang Utans are primates which resembles gorrilas only smaller in size. They are found in the island of Borneo around the Malaysia's states of Sabah and Sarawak. The Orang Utan with it's long arms are highly agile and intelligent.

WIRA, which means warrior in the local Malaysian tongue, was designed to portray the friendly personality of the games host, Malaysia - strong and proud and yet gentle and humble.

It was launched on the 13th April 1994 by Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Malaysia's Prime Minister.


The baton is symbolic to the Commonwealth Games, just at what the torch is to the Olympic Games. It is an integral part of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games The Queen's Baton, begins its journey from Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day and travels across all six regions of the Commonwealth before arriving at the host country where the Queen's Message will be read by the President of the Commonwealth Federation during the Opening Ceremony of the Games. This tradition was started at the VI Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales in 1958.

As it is tradition that the be designed by the host country, the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games Queen's Relay Baton's design is inspired from a traditional Malay artifact, the 'Gobek' – a unique cylindrical areca nut-pounder widely used and displayed in Malay homes.


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