KL 98 Ticket Pricing & Venue Information

Brief History and Explanation

International or Olympic-styled Shooting evolved from the leisurely, aristocratic European Tradition od Shooting. It is characterised by uniform courses of fire, ample time limits and strict regulations governing clothing, equiipment and firearms.

The high competition level has led to the creation of firearms designed specifically to meet the demands of this sport. Over time, competitions have evolved to test a variety of firearms;

The Pistol, a small firearm that can be fired with one hand,
Rifles and shotguns, which are held against the shoulder when firing.

Venue : Langkawi International Shooting Range, Langkawi Island
Seating Capacity : 1,000
Medals Contended : 30 Gold : 30 Silver : 30 Bronze
How to get there : 60 minutes by air to Langkawi Island from KL
Ticket Prices : General Admission
RM 10


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