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Brief History and Explanation

Synchronised Swimming - Synchronised Swimming began as a sport in Canada in 1924. The sport requires a high level of athletic conditioning and artistic ability in order for the Athletes to glide effortessly through water and to execute moves with ease and grace

Diving - Diving can be traced back to the Romans and Egyptians of 400BC who dived off cliffs for recreation. The first competitive diving event is believed to have been held ni Halle, Germany in 1885. By that time, the use of gymnastics apparatus had been eliminated and rules and organizational structures were introduced.

Swimming - Swimming was considered an outdorr sport until it was discovered that it could also be held indorrs. Speed was not an important factor in swimming until the "Crawl" was introduced in 1860. The "Flutter kick" followed and speed swimming competitors were breaking records as soon as they were made.

Venue : National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil ( Swimming Complex )
Seating Capacity : 6,000
Medals Contended : 40 Gold : 40 Silver : 40 Bronze
How to get there : 0.5 Kilometers from Games Village
Ticket Prices : Swimming Diving
1st Tier : RM 40 - RM 80 1st Tier : RM 40 -RM 80
2nd Tier : RM 20 - RM 60 2nd Tier : RM 20 - RM 60


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