As with any Website, feedback from users are regarded highly. For this site, we hae generated quite alot of interest and recieved tons of mail with comments and suggestions. And luckily for us, Positive comments outweigh the negative ones. We value your views very much and try to accommodate some of your suggestions to improve the site, although with much regret we cannot fulfil them all. This site was done and maintained fully on our own free time as a tribute to the Games and our Country, therefore we did not have official

backing nor funds and sponsors to be able tomeet some of your suggestions. This is NOT the official site as many thought it was ( though we were greatly moved when people thought of us as the official site, it shows how far a little initiation can get you ). We thank you all who have taken the time to browse through this site and provide your comments. This page is put up so people can view some of the comments we've been getting. Thanks again!


Great job .. U should include this Screen Savers button into
KL 98 official homepage .. Then everone will download it.

Suresh web site is very good
Brenden Cruikshank
The design and layout of your page was

Dhineshan Moodley
This is a great site for the games, but it is missing just one thing......
A page with the total medal tally thus far :-)

( I think it is in one of the result pages....webmaster)
webmaster, I would like to thank you for the website on the
commonwealth games. It provided enough information and pictures for me to
wip up a progect of the games in just two days. without just that page, I
would have been in trouble for not having enough information. thanks heaps,

sarah brown
Excellent site.
Best wishes,

Steve Broadbent
You have an excellent site. The idea of screen savers
is an excellent idea

nice looking site.  great job. thanks for the info
Ackeeu & Salley what you did on this page.Keep it up
Yoong Yit Loong
To Webmaster I have downloaded two screen savers from your page.
I like it because you have got pretty fast downloads.

I am really happy over the screen savers that were created specially for
this XVI Commonwealth Games.
Tan Jee-Yann
Great site guys!  And an extra special pat on the back because you're the only site
I could access any information from... everyone's else's server was down!! I've bookmarked this and
will use it for my online info. Good luck Malaysia... thanks for a great games.
David Harris
Thanks for the score updates, really appreciated.
Darrell Scheepers
I think this column is good but the opening ceremony was fantastic.
a Malaysian
Congratualtions your Commonwealth Games site is excellent, well
organised, easy to use and informative
I am e-mailing you from Virgin Net where we have our own Sports Channel.
In our top ten sites of this channel we have included the Commonwealth
site and would very much like to use a logo from this.
Arlene Bridgewater
( Wow Top Ten.....This was one who thought we were the official site.....webmaster)
Hi people,   Very dissapointed with screen savers, it is for win95 only. 
I gave it to a large public sector section and they are running computers
on windows 3.11 and the screen savers would not work.   Are there any
prospects of a win 3.1 saver being released soon?   The screen saver is
excellent. All the best 
James H. Zinkler
(Well we have created and put up the Windows 3.1x version of the screen savers...Yay!....webmaster )


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