HURRAH! The Games are officially over, and what a great success too. Congratulations to the Malaysian Team for their superb effort in obtaining their 10 Gold Medals, which is our best ever. We at Rakyat On-Line are also proud to have hosted this site which has been done and maintained totally free and independantly throughout the Games. It is with great regret that we now close this site. It will still stay open as an information archive for all, though it will not be updated anymore.

The accuracy of the results pages are not our responsibility as they were all done by volunteers of the general public. It was part of a program that we initiated to promote the spirit and love for our country. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them and all who applied ( which were alot ). It just showed how much we Malaysians cared for our country and were willing to do something on our part.

Another part of our program was to create screen savers on our own initiative as commemorative souvenirs. It was quite a fluke that we thought of it and since no one has ever come up with the idea before we decided to go ahead. We would like to thank Active Media Technology Limited for providing us the Active Media Eclipse software.


Commemorative KL98 Screen Savers Commemorative KL98 Screen Savers for Windows
History Get to know how the Games started and what it is all about
Trivia General Information about KL98 and past Commonwealth Games
Events and Venues Maps and History of the events
Opening & Closing Ceremony Brief explanation and ticket prices for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Participants Participating countries in the Games
Hall of Fame Gold medalists and Record holders
Results & Info Results and additional Games Information

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Congratualtions your Commonwealth Games site is excellent, well
organised, easy to use and informative
.... John

The design and layout of your page was
.... Dhineshan Moodley

You have an excellent site. The idea of screen savers
is an excellent idea
.... Ashley what you did on this page.Keep it up .... Yoong Yit Loong

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